Sunday, October 25, 2015

                   The Million Dollar Shot - Chapter 3: Don't be a Fink

Eddie got woke up with a tug on the shoulder by his mom. Eddie realized that it was the first day of school! Eddie and his mom got ready fast, even though it was a trailer and the space was small. His mom went to Finkle's Finkle Factory and Eddie to the school bus, and was right on time! He sat by Annie and he saw Ty and Johnny sitting by each other, too. Annie was reading poetry and Eddie was judging her and Annie got him back by telling him why he was reading comic books. He bursted out saying "ARE WE GOING OUT?" Annie was confused. But she was talking about a different out then what Eddie was saying when he explained it. At the Factory where his mom worked, all the workers get less pay because of the normal pay without bills would be better, But with bills, it was hard to work there. They still had to pay Eddie's dad's Bills from the hospital after he died.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

                           The Million Dollar Shot: Chapter 2 - Annie Oakley

Annie was a great sharp shooter. Her name was actually Annie Stokely but Eddie calls her Annie Oakley because there was a name for that. Annie asked if they could play HORSE. If you don't know what HORSE is, its a game where the first player shoots and tries to make it in. If it's made, the second player has to try to make it in, when the ball misses, they get an H, and then go over again. First person to get H.O.R.S.E, is OUT! They both had opposite sides from there position. Eddie didn't have a dad, and Annie doesn't have a mom.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

                                       The Million Dollar Shot: Eddie "air" Ball

Eddie and his friends were on a team called Skins, which was no shirts on and the other team with shirts on. He didn't want to show his ribs. Coach said to acted like it was 6 seconds. Eddie had a chance to shoot a basket. Eddie went up to the foul line and Ty passed it. "DUNK IT, EDDIE!" said Johnny. He shot it, it was like 1 second before the buzzer beater. "AIR BALL!" said Ty disgusted. The other team started calling him Eddie "Air" Ball from now on. He was embarrassed.

                                             The Outsiders: Chapter 10 - dead Dally and sick days...

Dally was gone now... He wanted to be dead when he was running from the cops. How, your saying? Ponyboy said he had a heater (gun) with him just to use for bluff. But the cops weren't going to fall for that. He pulled it out and cops started rapid firing bullets and Dally dodged only a bit. Dally died. After that, Ponyboy woke up. He knew it wasn't a dream he had of Dally dying, it was real, Johnny and Dally were both dead. BOTH. He slept to Saturday all the way to Tuesday. Darry said that he asked for Soda, himself, and mom and dad. Pony thought mostly Sodapop.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

                                   Mealworm Diaries - Big bullies and Catching Problems

Jeremy and Horace walked around the corner of the school, and heard someone shouting. Aaron was being bullied by Tufan. Tufan said he can't play with them in Soccer Baseball. He said," Look Aaron, you suck a soccer and baseball, you can't even catch or even throw a ball. you're useless." Aaron kept shouting and Tufan said that the teacher will hear, and Mr. Collins did. He came and Tufan explained everything and Aaron said that Tufan said he was useless, and Mr. Collins had a idea. For a couple of gym classes, he can be teached to throw and catch a ball. Aaron said his big brother can help.

It's time...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

                             I Funny - Middle School Story                 Jayson Morris 10-18-15

New York New York, it was a funny name to Jamie. He planned to go on this trip without the Smileys, and the good part, NO Stevie, the brother-in-law. But he went with his uncle. Jamie and his uncle got lost in a crowd of walkers on the street. So they went to a corner find a corner.
       "Hey!" a voice called. "This is my corner, Beat it!"
"I thought you were blind." Jamie said.
       "I'm on my break. Now BEAT IT!" the guy said. He was rude, I didn't know why he was on his break outside instead of resting on a chair or lying down on a bench. But he would of said,"Get off me! I'm lying on this bench." While Jamie was waiting, or looking for the tour, His uncle Frankie went and bought a shirt saying "I ❤NY." Jamie told his uncle that the mean guy on his break wouldn't share a corner of the street, like why not share a street?

                                                   A poem from Jayson - Poem for Jeremy :)

Jeremy has a crush, it always makes him blush.
When Karima saw, he started to stall, and now he's embarrassed to talk.

Aaron is always dumb, while Jeremy is being a grump.
Aaron came back, they started to chat, that was what Jeremy want.

Horace was a smarty, and started being tardy.
Mr. Collins is tired, but Horace is inspired, it was like Horace was about to party.

Aaron is impatient, so we call him Aaron Cantwait.
At the museum, he saw and seen them, His brother is a big mate.

Poem of each of the characters in the book "Mealworm Diaries."